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Civilization is not redeemable. This culture will not undergo
any sort of voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of living. If
we do not put a halt to it, civilization will continue to immiserate the vast major-
ity of humans and to degrade the planet until it (civilization, and probably the planet) collapses. The effects of this degradation will continue to harm humans
and nonhumans for a very long time.

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Utah Oil town turns against Midwife who asked about infant deaths

Days after a midwife spotted the graves at Natalie’s funeral, she began checking obituaries and records at area cemeteries for stillborn babies and children up to age 1. In 2010, one in every 95 graves dug in Uintah County contained a baby, she said. For 2013, she said, the rate rose to one in every 14.

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